noelle's ceramics

final draftt(:

    My theme is dark and light. i have represented this in many different ways. i aslo look at my art as showing people about life.  how there are bad things in people and good things. and both can be beautiful just depends how you look at it and take it in.
   one way that i express light and dark is putting a dark glaze on half of my project and a light glaze on the other half. sometimes they over lap to make a new different type looking color. this technique makes most project come more to life. as if there is so much contrast you have to take a second look. i am person of bright colors. i like to stand out and am very outgoing. and when i use such colors i feel as if it shows who i am.
   another way that i express light and dark is relating it to life. light and dark are total opposites when i comes to feelings. when feeling "dark" people would relate that to sad or depressed. when feeling "light" 

     they would say your happy and content. so when i put both of those feelings on my art it make its a mystery. are they contrasting or are they messing together., is there a point where they come into one or are the separate. just like life, sometime your feelings get put together and you dont know what to feel and other times your feeling one or the other. 
   i am glad that i picked this as my theme. It make ceramics all the more fun and interesting. having a set thing you have to be creative to show is very fun yet difficult. when i take ceramics throughout the next years i think i will be using this same theme and maybe changing the meaning a little bit. ceramics has gotten a whole lot more fun!