noelle's ceramics

outline for theme(:

>>light and dark:
-bright and dark
-light glazes on dark glazes
- half and half
-mixing two oppisites together to make one
- half light half dark
a. slanted
b. perpedicular
>> good and evil
-nice vs. bad
-smoothe vs. rough
- outgoing vs. shy
>> bright vs. dull
-overlapping light and dark glazes
to make one. sometimes making a new glaze
>> happy and sad
-bright (happy)
-mixing them together makes a half happy half sad
>> what this means to me in real life
- i feel like my art shows my feelings and what i am showing is that the light and dark in this worl mean more than just colors or feelings i feel that they show the change and differences in people around us. some people may be light, as in like outgoing or happy all the time. when others may be dark as in shy, kept to themselves. showing this through my art makes my art mean more to me and people i share it with(: